Assistant Karate do Instructors

Sensei Donald Mongoai (Dojo Head Assistant) - 2nd Degree Black Belt


  • Sensei Donald has been with Soke Eksteen for almost 15 years and is the right hand man within the organization specifically the Karate do art division. He has a most impressive competitive list of achievements throughout his Karate journey and is also a Guru with the Nun-Chaka sticks. Originally from a Kyokoshin full contact background Mongoai Sensei found out that his heart lies where he is now and is an absolute asset to the organization. He is very much respected and loved by all the students and furthermore is like a true son to Eksteen.



Sempai Sono has also travelled an extensive journey with his Karate and started off whilst still a late teen with Eksteen when the organization still had a Dojo within the Nirvana community of Polokwane in the early 2000's. Sono Sempai is the organizations Senior Kata specialist and loves working with the kids tremendously showing off his skills and much needed knowledge of Kata application and Bunkai thereof. He also trained with other organizations and gained further experience whilst over there however came back to his roots and Karate do home being that of Eksteen's organization and loves the competitive edge aswell. 

Kohei Lebogang Mathapo (brown belt)


Kohei Mathapo came to Eksteen when still only a tiny tot and was a most shy kid however as the years marched on all that shyness seemed to disappear, turning him into an absolutely most enthusiastic young man and a born leader within his school activities. Apart from all his brilliant schooling activities, Mathapo is an absolutely excellent Karateka and was promoted to junior level Kata specialist within the organization. He is also very competitive with a most dynamic collection of medals, achievements and awards.   

MMA Assistant Head Coach


Coach Omar

Coach Omar has been with Eksteen in the MMA division for a number of years and is an absolute asset to the organization. Hailing all the way from out of Zimbabwe, Omar has made Polokwane his hometown for a substantial amount of time and apart from being an excellent ex Rugby player his talents and ultimate passion lies within the Martial Arts. His teaching aspects to the members of the Cagefighting MMA division covers basically all the combat tactic from hardcore Stand up to Wrestling to BJJ to Grappling to that of Extreme fitness. What makes Omar such an unique addition and awesome person to Eksteen's organization is the fact that he is a most humble individual and the students are most fond of him. A most professional touch and an inspiration to all within the organization.