Founder - World President - Soke Henri Eksteen 10th Dan


Grandmaster Henri Eksteen is, if not, the youngest legitimate 10th Degree Black Belt Martial Arts instructor  in South Africa aswell as on the African continent. With an extensive pro Karate background dating back 40 years to the early years of 1979, to date, Eksteen's impressive curriculum vitae is surely a force to be reckoned with and needs factually no introduction whatsoever. However with having said that, he holds multiple legitimate Japanese Dan gradings from a 1st Degree Black Belt till 10th Degree Black Belt within the following diverse international traditional Karate do & Martial Arts styles/systems -Kimura Shukokai International, Shotokan Kase Ha, Funokoshi, Ogasawara Ha Sakagawa Koshiki Shorin-jiryu Karate do, JKA, Freestyle Karate, Wakazamurai Martial Arts aswell as WAKO (Kickboxing). Eksteen's official Dan gradings are approved and recognized by many legendary and iconic Martial Arts organizations globally such as just to name a few - WUKO (World United Karate do Organizations), MAMA (Martial Arts Masters Association), WIMAAO (World International Martial Arts Association & Organization, Wakazamurai Martial Arts Association etc...Eksteen is also one of the few elite members left over from the mid 1980's South African Defence Force Karate team who is still in operation today marking a very successful 20 years anniversary in 2019 of Martial Arts instruction within the city of Polokwane, Limpopo province in South Africa.